‘Las calles de Cartagena… aquella historia vivió…’ – Catching up with the Caribbean in the colonial capital

Torre de la Reloj en Cartagena’s old town So last week my travels took me to Cartagena de Indias in the north coast of Colombia, one of the first ports the Spanish arrived at during the conquista, and boy do you know it! The verisimilitude to Andalusia was uncanny –  white washed houses sprouting wisteria, […]

Todos Somos Pacífico – a beginners guide to Colombian music from the Pacific Coast

I can´t believe that less than two months ago I had no idea about the music from the Pacific coast of Colombia: now it seems to be all I am listening to! The Petronio Álvarez music festival back in September was my initiation and since then I have had the opportunity to interview and watch […]